[Skins] Cassie

[glee] the curious girl with that look on her face

Title: the curious girl with that look on her face
Author: lucifers-toy
Characters: quinn/santana
Rating: g
Spoilers: prom queen
Summary: It’s finally the end of prom and Quinn is sick of smiling for the cameras
AN: title taken from Bright Eyes' When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass Lyrics. and thanks to pictureplaces for the readthrough and her general amazingness.

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Emily, Naomi, [Skins] Katie

[glee] we'd share each other like an island

title: we'd share each other like an island
pairing: brittany/santana
rating: g
summary: three moments set after heartbreak
spoilers: sexy/2x15
an: title taken from snow patrol's Set the Fire to the Third Bar. and my first glee fic, so. thanks to cyandragonfly, also for the encouragement. matching posts, woo.

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[Skins] Effy from s1

[pretty little liars] of the days so young and sweet

title: of the days so young and sweet
fandom: pretty little liars
pairing: alison/emily
rating: g
warning: canon character death
word count: 936
summary: she’d noticed all the things Emily had kept clamped down inside her, anxious and afraid.
a/n: title taken from pete murray's so beautiful. And thanks to cyandragonfly.

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[Hex] Thelma

[merlin] wet with the midnight due

title: wet with the midnight due
fandom: merlin
pairing: morgana/morgause
rating: pg
spoilers: vaguely for season two
word count: 1500
summary: Morgause pauses, hesitates for just a moment. “You’re safe now. Your friends, they turned on you.”
author's note: title again taken from johnny cash's god's gonna cut you down

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[SPN] Dean/Castiel, fishing

[merlin] 1609, 5280, 63360

title: 1609, 5280, 63360
fandom: merlin
pairing: merlin/arthur, morgana/morgause, morgana/gwen, gwen/lance, mention of arthur/omc
rating: g
warnings/spoilers: none
summary: When they were young, Arthur had gone running. Morgana discovered that early into her tenure at the Pendragons; shortly after the car crash, when she was swathed in a bed with silk sheets with the memory of Uther standing awkwardly in her doorway, old face creased with the vestiges of grief and uncomfortable concern for the fragile girl in his house.
word count: 6000+
a/n: title is the number of meters in a mile, the number of feet, and the number of inches.

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